SiriusXM Radio NGVA3 Magnetic Antenna with Ahesive Metal Plate for Installation on All Surfaces

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This antenna kit is perfect for trucks and RVs with fiberglass or aluminum bodies.

Presenting the SXMATPM78 antenna kit, featuring the NGVA3 SiriusXM Satellite Radio Magnetic Antenna and a Heavy Duty Metal Plate. This innovative kit combines the excellent signal reception of the NGVA3 antenna with the convenience of a heavy duty metal plate equipped with industrial strength VHB adhesive.

The NGVA3 SiriusXM Satellite Radio Magnetic Antenna ensures clear reception of SiriusXM satellite radio signals, enhancing the listening experience for music, news, sports, and entertainment. Its magnetic mount allows for easy installation on any surface, and its compact size and sleek design make it suitable for various applications with non-metal surfaces.

The heavy duty metal plate features high-strength, weather resistant VHB adhesive, providing a secure and durable mounting solution for the NGVA3 antenna. The VHB adhesive forms a strong and reliable bond with a variety of surfaces, including fiberglass, plastic, and aluminum, ensuring that the antenna remains firmly in place, even in challenging environments and weather conditions.

Whether you're equipping your car, truck, boat, RV, or home with SiriusXM satellite radio, the NGVA3 SiriusXM Satellite Radio Magnetic Antenna with Heavy Duty Metal Plate offers exceptional performance and hassle-free installation. Say goodbye to signal interference and enjoy uninterrupted access to your favorite SiriusXM channels with this advanced antenna and mounting solution.

Technical Information

Metal Disc Diameter: 3.5 inches
Metal Disc Thickness: 1/8 inch

Package Includes

(1) NGVA3 SiriusXM Magnetic Antenna with 22 Foot Cable (attached)
(1) Metal Disc with VHB Adhesive

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