Mini Windshield Suction Cup Mount for SiriusXM Receivers


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This mount includes Arkon’s PVC suction windshield or dash car mount with both Single T-Tab and 4-Hole AMPS adapters. The mount is ideal for car dashboards, windshields, and other flat or slightly textured surfaces, and attaches easily with a one-touch lever. The arm of the suction mount adjusts vertically and provides 360° rotation, providing flexibility in positioning the device at any angle.

Trucker Tip!

The mount is packaged with a round plastic disc allowing the receiver to be mounted vertically to almost any surface. This is especially helpful If mounting to the windshield is not possible or if it would leave the receiver to far away to access.

Product Overview

  • Simple Installation - Suction mount is easily attached and removed from any windshield with no mess and no damage to the vehicle
  • Universally Compatible - Works with any Sirius, XM or SiriusXM Radio receiver with a t-notch adapter and all SIRIUS Satellite Radio receivers with the AP012 AMPS to t-notch adapter plate

Technical Specs

  • Model #: SR115
  • Manufacturer: ARKON
  • Dimensions: 5 inches fully extended
  • Weight: 4 ounces

Package Includes

  • GN015-SBH-1windshield mount
  • AP012 AMPS to t-notch adapter plate

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